The Apostolic Catholic Church in America (ACCA) is an Ecumenical Catholic, inclusive, missionary, multicultural, connectional,church called to make disciples of Christ for the world. We are a Christ-Centered church rooted in Spirit-filled worship and commitment to social justice
We are a connectional denomination. Our churches are connected mission and ministry led by a bishop, clergy and laity in councils, both regionally and nationally.

Our Values
Missionary – Great Commandment-Great Commission

We are a missionary church that is radically –inclusive, Christ-centered and committed to planting missional communities. Ancient (tradition) Future (context) faith in the spirit of the Old Catholic Church. We stand as one of the most racially diverse jurisdictions and one of our particular charism to provide a space for People of Color to serve in leadership of the Church and incorporate the various cultures into our worship. We are committed to making progressive disciples of Christ who love God and others.
The Eucharist is the life-giving center of our church and is fully expressed when the Bishop, Clergy and laity gather around the Word and Table of the Lord. This is the sign of fullness of a Catholic Church. The Eucharist is diminished by the presence only one portion of the threefold in its celebrations.

Episopal-Synodal Ordered
We are a Episcopal-Synodal ordered church that means that bishop, clergy and laity shares in the decision making on the mission and ministry of the church.

Church Planting –Fresh Expressions
We see local faith communities as the primary expression of mission and ministry. Therefore we are missionary church without the benefits of an established mainstream church; we are committed to” fresh expressions”. In some of our church planting models, worship may not be the first step into building a new faith community. We are committed to churches in non-traditional places. All of our ministries must be center around three foci: Worship, Discipleship and Service to the community. We seek to support strong (missional) communities. That church must be willing to go where sent and not wait for people to come to us.
Radically Inclusive/Gracious Hospitality
The doors of the Church are open to all people who seek to follow Christ, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation and gender identity and expression.
Because we live in a culture of isolation, we offer gracious hospitality to all sorts and conditions of people, our faith communities reflect the diversity of God’s People.
Liberation Living
We as church must be engaged in the justice work of liberating oppressed people from injustice that will call us to prophetic stands on the side of the poor. Each day we seek is people living for the liberation of others. We believe that proclaiming Jesus and Justice is the work of God’s people.


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